Welcome to my site!

I am a freelance writer based in Nashville, TN. I do search engine optimization (SEO), web content, email marketing, newsletters, and social media management. Other services I can provide include proofreading, editing, or research.

I majored in English with specialization in Professional Writing because I am a bookworm who has always been impressed by a well-done Super Bowl commercial or clever marketing campaign. A TV commercial has thirty seconds to grab your attention and sell you on a product or service, all while you have the power to change the channel. Good commercials are successful at this pitch; great commercials are so memorable that you tell other people about them or look them up on YouTube. Now the company has you doing marketing for them. That is the kind of impact I want to deliver in my writing.

My past work has included web content, blog posts, newsletters, newspapers, social media campaigns, election campaigns, design, and research. I am interested in full-time, part-time, temporary, or internship writing opportunities in the Nashville area or remote. If you have a need for a content writer, please get in touch!