Why I am moving to WordPress

Hello, and welcome to the new stetsonsnead.com! I have recently started a new job, and now seemed like a good time to revamp the website. Here I’m going to talk about why I chose WordPress and what I’d like to use this blog for.

This is actually my third time making a blog on WordPress. The first time was in high school, when the Disney Star Wars movies were first coming out. It was a terrible high school blog of terrible fan theories and overall Star Wars nerdiness. At least one person, a complete internet stranger, actually followed it, so thanks to them. The second blog was for a class in college. I started that one with the same lofty ideas as everyone else in the class. I was going to post all kinds of things that semester! Then, because I was a college student, I posted a grand total of three posts and was lucky to scrape through that project with a passing grade.

This time I have different, more realistic goals. The main purpose of this blog is to maintain an active site, to have somewhere to keep my domain, and to practice my search engine optimization and content writing. What will I write about? Well, I’d like to talk about writing. Probably books, TV shows, and movies, but no fan theories this time. I’ll probably talk about cars. Almost certainly will talk about computers, technology, Free and Open Source Software, Linux, and the like. I will not talk about politics. I have a lot I could say on that last subject, but in my opinion there’s more than enough political nonsense elsewhere on the internet these days and I won’t be contributing to it.

So why WordPress? I’ve actually wanted to move to WordPress for a while, but one reason or another I had stuck with Wix. For what it is, Wix is a pretty good website builder. Certainly better than some other options out there which I have toyed with. I will continue to use Wix for the client websites I have already built and maintain. But ultimately Wix is a little to limiting. WordPress, by comparison, is by far the most used web content management system in the world. Basically, the pros use WordPress and I want to get better at using the same tools. In the future, I would like to be able to build client sites on WordPress and to do that I need to know the ins and outs of it. So I’m using my own site as a guinea pig.

I plan on posting here semi-regularly, to show Google that I’m here and active. But I don’t have any set schedule of when I’m posting or what I’m posting about. It’s going to be when I have something to post about. But I promise this site will be better than my last two WordPress experiments, although that is a low bar to cross.

May the Force be with you.

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